2: Joe Tidy - Broadcast Journalist (31)

January 15, 2017

Joe Tidy is probably the person outside of my family that I’ve known the longest. Our families lived next door to each other when I was a little kid and our friendship has lasted for the best part of 25 years.

Our lives have followed similar, if crucially different, paths. Joe is, to the casual observer, a super-successful broadcast journalist working as a reporter at Sky News. The interesting thing is, though, that he sometimes doesn’t feel that way.

His incredible determination to improve and better himself is probably a significant factor in how he’s worked to where he is now, but it’s also the reason he feels like he needs to continue to further himself even now.

Career aside, he’s still doing great – Joe said he can attribute most of his success to his brilliant wife Sophie, and his young family has gained another member in 2016.

His interview was a great contrast to my first one with Dave Rogers – I’ve already seen two successful people with really different approaches to their achievements.


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